Step Up

We provide a platform for our players from across South Africa to showcase their talent to the professional clubs in Africa and the rest of the World.

Hard Work, Works Hard

We believe that nothing beats talent when talent works hard. That's why we train 365 days a year.

Always Evolving

Like our players, we're determined, and we know we can always do better. Every day, we look at how we can improve ourselves, both on and off the pitch.

Train Smart

We provide lessons in life on the pitch. We empower our players with the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful on the field and in life.

Talent Tours

We take our talent on tour.We take players abroad, showcase their talents, and give them the chance to gain exposure on an international stage.

Never Settle

We are dedicated to our players.We strive to give them every opportunity to make a career out of the sport they love.


We identify individual strengths in our players with the aim of producing intelligent, adaptable and influential footballers who have the ability to effect any football environment.

We provide a nurturing climate and professional infrastructure which allows our players to transform their talent and make football a career choice. We aim to holistically evolve each player's tactical and technical abilities while positively developing their psychological and physical dispositions.

We know that football is more than just a game. That’s why we monitor our players academic and physiological progress to ensure that they are successful both on and off the pitch.